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office supplies


This specific service is designed to enhance your life by managing your time and resources effectively. It allows a business owner or head of household to stop worrying about things that must get done, but have fallen so low on the to-do list, that they are in a constant state of backlog.

Your life is growing, and it's exciting to watch your dreams come to life. However, the new reality is that you can no longer be a one-person outfit. In order to keep moving forward, you need to work on the big picture while delegating some of the daily tasks to someone else.

It's perfect for someone who isn't quite ready to take the step of hiring a permanent employee, but needs help nonetheless. Maybe it's answering correspondence and voicemails a few times a week. Reconciling the credit card statements in Quickbooks. Finally entering all those business cards into your contacts.

Whether it's an ongoing need or a one-time project, we will get things sorted. If located in Chicago, we can discuss an in-person schedule; however, we will do virtual and remote assisting any time! 

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