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Jocelyn Geboy, Founder

Jocelyn is a maven-of-all trades; she's picked up myriad skills in her long and varied career.* She organizes a cluttered kitchen with the same ease as she gets on stage to tell stories at the show she created. Planning a conference, or combing through estate files looking for the one document you need to get everything squared away. If she can't do it, she has connections to the people who can.

Jocelyn brings something unique to the table  -- a degree of empathy only gleaned from life experience. She understands to-do lists left until the last minute. She helps people organize and file stacks of paperwork after their parents die, because she's already put her dad's paperwork in order for her mom.  She understands that sometimes the Impossible Task is doing the laundry.

No matter how overwhelming or daunting the job seems to you, Jocelyn is here to allay your fears and let you know that she's been there. No judgment, no shame, no worries. Let her be of service and help you have the freedom and time to really live the way you want to. More time to spend with your family. More room to show off the things you really love. More energy to do things you have true passion for.

Contact Three Left Productions today to set up a consultation and find out how we can work with you! ​

*One of her first jobs was pulling trap

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