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It can be scary to let someone see things you'd rather have hidden. A cluttered office, a messy bedroom, a box filled with unopened mail. We've been there, and we'll help you get things sorted. You can leave while we handle things, or we can work with you to get things done. Whichever you choose, you can know that your information and your personal details will stay private.

Chief Executive

  • The entrepreneur who is out making the next deal and courting the next investor. You have impeccable style, but the office is a mess.

  • You already have a receptionist, but you need someone to take charge of business outside of the office.

  • Working a 9-5 pays the bills, but you have a side gig that you like more. You know you'd be able to focus on growing it if you weren't always bogged down by figuring out social media content.

Head of the Household

  • You have your hands full with raising a family, a full-time job, or *both.* It's becoming clear that you need support so you can maintain order and your own serenity.

  • The role "head of household" may have been assigned to you because a parent or relative has fallen ill or died. You need help going through files for relevant information or sorting through closets to determine what to donate.

  • You are single and manage your own affairs, but it's been hard to keep up with laundry and the clutter. It would be amazing to reset and get organized.

Life of the Party

  • You want something interesting for your next party -- a game night or a house concert. 

  • The non-profit organization that you're a board member of wants to have a trivia night fundraiser. But no one wants to emcee the evening.

  • It's a special occasion  -- your partner's birthday or a work holiday party. You want to be able to enjoy the event, not manage every detail the day of.

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